Remote X-ray annotation – benefits

Remote description of diagnostic imaging examinations is becoming more popular in Poland. This trend should not surprise anyone as an outsourcing is a response to the personnel and patients’ needs and expectations (shortening of waiting times, better access to specialists, possibility to consult various medical cases etc.) If you wish to know what advantages are brought by the remote description of X-ray examinations, we encourage you to read the following article.

Teleradiology - description of X-rays

X-ray examination – universal and popular

X-ray examination – universal and popular used in the modern medicine. X-ray irradiation allows to create an image of any part of the body and it is ordered in many cases – from injuries to suspicion of illness.

Image examination is performed by a specialist in radiology, who evaluates the image precisely and attentively and who prepares descriptions of those examinations, as further diagnostics will be based on it. The major issue in Poland is the staff shortage among radiologists and long waiting time for examinations’ results.. According to data from the beginning of 2018 there were 3000 radiologists in Poland (19% specialists above 60 years of age) and the waiting time for descriptions may take even few months. Only teleradiology may be a solution to this problem.

Advantages of teleradiology

With visible staff shortages in clinics, in a wider access to physicians, to their knowledge and experience is a great advantage of teleradiology. It is worth mentioning about shortening the waiting times for medical results. It is impossible to overestimate these two aspects, both from the physician and patient point of view. However, it is just an ice peak of a long list of advantages for medical facilities out of the outsourcing of teleradiology, such as :

  • access to specialists 24/7/365 and the possibility to determine the urgency of description,
  • uniformity of descriptions, their standardization and maintenance in the highest quality,
  • access to physicians with narrow specialization (e.g. chest, skeleton etc.)
  • consultations of difficult and complex clinical cases with specialists,

Technical aspects should be also mentioned. Those advantages relate both to large clinics but also small hospitals and outpatient rooms as well as single physicians’ offices. Teleradiology allows to:

  • ensuring the continuity of work (even in days of sick leave, holiday absence etc.)
  • cost reduction – eliminates the need to create a job,
  • access to description in the secured cloud at any time and almost anywhere,
  • greater flexibility, better use of resources and time savings.
X-ray image of the foot - description

HIG 24 Teleradiology – trust the best

Many medical institutions have decided to cooperate with HIG24. It is all because we offer the modern, comprehensive solutions, perfectly adjusted to the needs of contemporary medicine,medical staff and patients. We use innovative technologies and pay particular attention to the highest quality of services. We offer descriptions of X-ray, CT, MRI and MG examinations.

Our teleradiological platform is very flexible,easy to implement and very intuitive. It does not require time consuming training of personnel, and it works in the cloud. We provide the access to description at any place and time. Cooperating medical institutions have access to the highest-level specialists,providing descriptions on time.

HIG24 is the warranty of the compliance with existing legal regulation, it is the effectiveness and security.. It is advantageous solution, especially to small hospitals and non-public healthcare institutions.

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