What is the work of radiologist?

Many young people studying medicine always wonder which professional path they should follow and what specialization to choose. With this few words we would like to bring closer and interest you with radiology, as one of the most intriguing options.. We will focus on the work of the specialist, nd its advantages.. If you would like to broaden your knowledge – read on.

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What does radiologist specialize in?

Radiologist is a physician with an extensive knowledge and skills.. Definitely it is a carrier path for the ambitious one. This specialist is responsible for the performance of examinations and the interpretation of different type of images visualizing the inside of the patient’s body (ultrasonography, X-ray etc.). This thanks to their careful analysis the diagnosis and treatments of diseases become possible or refer the patient to further diagnostics examinations, which help to diagnose the patient correctly.

The extensive knowledge on human body, its anatomy and ongoing processes, is crucial in the work of radiologist. It is why we can openly say that this specialization is a perfect carrier path for ambitious persons, desiring to develop and broaden their competences.

It the work of radiologist safe?

There is a constant myth of danger behind radiology. It is not really true. In the past radiology was considered one of the most dangerous specialization.. This belief comes from the fact that radiologist work with different type of irradiation such as:

  • ionizing
  • infrared
  • utraviolet
  • electromagnetic
  • UV.

In recent years we have been able to observe a significant development of technology. Today, the vast majority of doctors who choose to work as radiologists have relatively minor direct contact with radiation.. It is completely safe to work with computers, describing electronically delivered diagnostic images, provided by technicians. If you consider choosing this specialization, you do not have to worry about your health – in fact, it is safe.

Examinations performed by radiologist

As we mentioned previously, radiologists less and less perform examinations. Their role is to describe delivered images and to diagnose the patient based on them. Currently diagnostics examinations are more frequently performed by technicians. However, it does not mean that a radiologist does not examine the patient. The radiologist perform examinations with the use of:

  • utrasounds
  • magnetic field
  • X-ray

The characteristics ofmost popular examinations:

  • radiography (X-ray) – most popular examination, used for the evaluation of skeleton and different anatomical structures using X rays.
  • Computed tomography (CT) – also using X rays. However, CT works differently than the radiograph and allows to obtain images in different planes. It is also the most popular radiological examination.
  • Ultrasonography – technique using the phenomenon of reflection of ultrasound waves. The advantage of ultrasound is the real time observation.

Descriptions of diagnostic

Advantages of radiologist work

Radiology is one of the most popular specialization – there are more interested ones than possible residency positions as many see the advantages of this work such as:

  • large market demandthere is a constant shortage of radiologists in the market, there are insufficient number of specialist and growing number of patients.
  • attractive salaries – radiologists are very well paid, especially if they decide to cooperate with private facilities (for instance with us – we are constantly looking for specialists)
  • possibility to work with modern equipment– the development of technology provides better equipment allowing a non-invasive imaging of inside of human body.
  • Possibility for remote work– it is an advantage of teleradiology which opened a new door in front of specialists.

Teleradiology – a modern solution for health care

Aforementionedteleradiologyisa modern solutionwhich brings many advantages both to medical facilities (e.g. cost reduction) and physicians (e.g. comfortable, remote work from any place in the world, possibility for state of art consultations and outstanding specialists) and also to patients (e.g. shorter waiting times for diagnosis). Therefore, more and more facilities decide on the outsourcing of images descriptions.. Our offer meets those expectations, creating new job opportunities for radiologists . It is a win-win solution.

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