Outsourcing of imaging tests descriptions

Teleradiology is a service of remote description of radiological images via a secure IT system that provides medical facilities with permanent access to radiologists, thus shortening the waiting time for a description and cost reductions of up to 47%.

Hospital Investment Group (HIG) offers outsourcing of the following imaging tests descriptions:

Teleradiology - computer system

IT system for teleradiology

Why it is worth choosing the teleradiology service from HIG?

We provide services to over 70 medical facilities

Thanks to our ten years of experience in the teleradiology market and implemented quality management standards ISO 9001:2015 andISO 27001, we were trusted by over 70 medical facilities throughout Poland.

Savings up to 47%

Outsourcing of imaging tests descriptions allows to reduce the costs of diagnostics laboratories by up to 47% No expenditure on IT infrastructure and on radiologists and supporting staff

Quality audits of imaging tests descriptions

We conduct internal quality control of descriptions and provide consultations between specialists therefore our descriptions are reliable and of high quality.
Teleradiology coverage map

RIS and PACS Systems

Our complete teleradiology service includes complete maintenance software of medical examinations and images archiving, therefore we take the burden off facility managers in terms of system selection and integration.

RIS it is Radiological Information System. It enables full support of radiological examinations – from patient registration to issuing imaging test description.

PACS system (Picture Archiving and Communication System) is a medical imaging technology which provides economical storage, retrieval, management, distribution and presentation of medical images It is a system dedicated to medical images transmission and archiving, it connects various diagnostics imaging instruments including MRI, CT, MG etc. with archiving servers and workstation for images reading, interpreting and reviewing.

Teleradiology from Hospital Investment Group


Qualitative audit of diagnostics imaging descriptions. High diagnostics value of descriptions available 24h and 365 days a year.


Accurate and fast diagnosis of the patient – three-stage division of tests urgency, allowing diagnosis of life saving examinations up to 1 hour, optimal management of tests due to the criticality degree of tests and patient’s condition.


The decrease of operating costs of diagnostics laboratory to 47%. Provision of RIS and PACS Systems reduces costs of own IT infrastructure and field specialists.


Regulations for assigning descriptive examinations to dedicated radiologist. Division of examinations based their type and priority. Radiologist experience and accessibility.

Security Warranty

Advanced security procedures (multi-level access control, adverse events and failure procedures). Transmission encryption dedicated virtual private network provided by the operator.


24h monitoring and IT support service. Call center for clients available 24/7.

The leader of teleradiology in Poland – why is it worth it?

The teleradiology system offered by Hospital Investment Group is one of the most advanced
and innovative systems to describe imaging diagnostics examination in the world.
Therefore, it is an optimal teleradiology solution for medical facilities.


Data security


Network reliability


Solutions for system integration problems


Superfast Internet


Supervision over medical equipment and IT


Reliable communication


24/7 hotline
365 days a year


Flexible administration